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We Have Completed More then Four thousands of borewells for Domestic, Industrial and Agriculture Requirements in and Around Madurai. Now we are Having Latest Drilling Machines with Compressors, which are Capable to Drill upto 1000 Rft Depth in any type of Ground Strata.

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Borewell drilling is depending on the ground strata for example soil, soft rock, hard rock, some times we need to drill upto 1000 feet depth to get the water in madurai and surroundings. Most of the areas in city are in need of higher depth Borewells to get good quality of drinking water. Being a specialized tubewell drilling contractor, we offer excellent borewell drilling services. Our Best Borewell Drilling Service are preferred by many clients to cater their varied needs of industrial, commercial, agricultural, construction and municipal applications. These machines are available in bench, pillar and gang type, which cover a wide range of operations such as tubewell drilling, Development of tubewell and ground water exploration. Our company is known as well drilling service provider who undertakes all types of boreworks in all types of soil. We have been serving both rural & city clients in madurai tamilnadu.


Our exploration focuses on establishing conductor supports for Borewell Services in tamilnadu madurai. Comprehensive expertise applied at different range of floor circumstances. Our double turning borewell performs water well drilling even at difficult floor circumstances and reduces the risk associated in cleaning out or at undermining stations. This could result in significant savings in time and cost management. Our Borewell customers are skilled with ultra-modern machinery to provide service to both domestic and commercial clients with appreciable efficiency. Our ethical practice follows our motto: "Our dedication is customer satisfaction and we we dont just work for money

With the latest borewell drilling technology for the Best Borewell Drilling Service and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, vairava Borewell has been the No. 1 Borewell Drilling Company when it comes to Borewell drilling service in tamilnadu madurai.

The permeable layers beneath the underground will help us detect the water content below the ground. Presence of Groundwater depends on the topography, soil condition, fauna and geological location.

Professional Geologists of vairava Borewell have excellent knowledge and understanding the Geology of the earth’s surface, the climatic conditions and then the sources of underground water. The source of underground water can be from lakes, rivers or streams.

Seismic activity or electrical resistivity methods are commonly applied to check the rock formation below the ground and the underground water content.


Soil Test & Geotech Services in Madurai

vairava borewell, We have Successfully 5000+ Projects in all over India and other Countries, since we are from 1985. We have specialized equipments, Professional Staffs and Skilled Workers for doing Geotechnical Investigation. We have Hands-on experience in following Geotechnical Investigation works, Projects in different Government and Private Sectors, Metro Rail Project, Highways Bridge, Flyover, Airport, Tunnels, PetrolBunks Water Treatment Plants, Water Pipeline Project, Water Tank Structures, GasPipeline ProjectsPump House Projects, Solar Projects, WindMills, On Shore Projects, Off Shore Projects, Hospital, Building, Residential Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Industrial BuildingsWe are providing following Geotechnical Consultancy works to our Customers, Foundation Recommendation Based on soil Profile.

Settlement Analysis
Load Carrying Capacity Calculation for Pile

Stability Analysis
Geophysical and Stratification Analysis We are doing Following Geotechnical Investigation Services, Rock Drilling, Rock Coring Vertical Drilling Hydraulic Drilling Wash Boring Soil Exploration Sampling (Disturbed, Undisturbed Sampling, SPT, etc) Pavement Materials and Sub grade Material

Ground Water Table Analysis
Electrical Resistivity Analysis, Geophysical Exploration We are NABL ISO/IEC 2017 – 17025 Accredited Laboratory and we are doing Lab Tests by for both,Soil, Rock,Building Material We Will Provide Chemical Properties PH, Chloride and Sulphate and other Parameters ofSoil Samples Water Samples We have a highly experienced team in providing professional soil testing and ground investigation services. Using accredited laboratories, we provide soil testing data to aid foundation design and property development. Determine Engineering and Index property. Chemical testing also We employ the latest equipment and innovative methods to carry out all our services. Get in touch with our experts for professional and affordable services.


Borewell Drilling Service in Madurai Tamilnadu

Rain water harvesting slow speed rig this type of rain water harvesting method maximum used for madurai area.

Benefits of Rain Water Harvesting

It improves the quality of ground water

It will lead to rise in water levels in wells and bore wells that are drying up

It is used to mitigate the effects of drought

It is an ideal solution to water problems in areas having inadequate water resources

It reduces soil erosion as surface runoff is reduced

It provides high quality water, soft and low in minerals.

It reduces the cost for pumping of ground water.


Rain water harvesting is a method by which rainfall is collected for future use. The collected rainwater may be stored and used in many ways or directly used for recharge of ground water. Water shortages in many areas can be prevented using this technique. Every citizen in India must take steps to conserve rain water. We occasionally read reports of groundwater levels rapidly diminishing in various places of India. The situation is compounded during certain times of the year, when water becomes scarce across the country. Over time, India has become the world’s greatest user of groundwater for irrigation, industrial, and domestic purposes. The country’s growing population is putting even more strain on the country’s water resources.We can lessen our reliance on groundwater by taking a few small steps. To begin, we may effectively save rainwater at our home or building without spending a lot of money. An typical Indian household can easily harvest enough rainwater using this approach to cover their daily water needs for washing, bathing, and even drinking. The simple procedures to begin rainwater gathering at your home or building are as follows


Pile Works in Madurai

vairava borewell proud to share with you with our pile foundation service range with an excellent consummate and ultimate range of pile foundations services with a unique quality with the state of art technology. Piling for Foundation Construction- vairava Borewells in madurai Long cylinder of strong material like – concrete, steel or wood are pushed into the ground to form steady support for the huge structures like buildings that are built on top. Piling is essential in the construction of house, buildings, bridges and businesses where huge infrastructures are raised on ground surfaces with weak soil.

Under Reamed Pile

The cost advantages of under-reamed piles are due to the reduced pile shaft diameter, resulting in less concrete needed to replace the excavated material.

Tractor Mounted Rig

Tractor mounted pile is widely used for larger dia pile and larger depth. This type of piling will reduce the man handling and the time taken to complete the pile is very less.

Bored pile

Direct Mud Circulation method of pile foundation installation is used for bored cast in-situ piles. Direct Mud Circulation method is best suited when working-space is a huge.

Lime Sand Pile

Therefore, the bearing capacity failure mechanism of a footing rested on soft clay can be modified from exclusive settlement to general bearing capacity failure.

Touch Pile

Touch pile Shoring is very versatile because the size of the piles and the spacing between them can be adjusted to site soil conditions.

Other Services

With the vast experience of 35 years in the industry makes us to complete the project successfully and will continuously strive to exceed the expectations of our clients. Pile Foundations are efficient way to transfer load from huge infrastructure through weak compressible bands onto strong hardcore rocks beneath the earth surface with less compressibility.

Best piling contractors – vairavaborewell offers piling work for the following niche requirements

Piling for house construction

Piling for rainwater

Piling for residential building

Piling for bridges

Piling for Apartments

Piling for high rise building

We have 40 years experience in Borewell Drilling Service

we are more than 50 borewells conducted and borewells drilling service, borewell contractor and best borewell company in madurai. we are borewells supply not only madurai also surrounding all Tamilnadu Drilling Services.

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