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Vairava Borewell are Expert in 4.5inch, 5inch and 6.5inch borewells Our best service in drilling 4½ inch borewells, 4¾inch borewells, 6½inch borewells with super fast compressor bore lorry.

4.5inch size borewell drilling maximum used for home purpose only. 6.5inch size borewell drilling used for agriculture purpose and commercial building and apartment

4.5inch borewell drilling drilled by inwell and bet type missionaries, 6.5inch borewell drilling drilled by high pressure borewell compressor.

Borewell drilling method is decided based on the water source – whether it’s a pressurized or unpressurized source of water. The casing of the pipe also decides about the type of borewell drilling – whether water well or tubewell.

Borewell drilling process involves main use of motor and a pump inside a pipe. This pipe is drilled up to the level of underground water. Now the discharge pipe of pump and electrical connections to it are brought up to the ground level. Now when motor starts to operate, this pushes the underground water to the water tank level above the ground. This quality borewell water is used for various water requirements.


We have 40 years experience in Borewell Drilling Service

we are more than 50 borewells conducted and borewells drilling service, borewell contractor and best borewell company in madurai. we are borewells supply not only madurai also surrounding all tamilnadu drilling services.

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